MIR has been dressed the two-time world champion of F1 Scuderia Ferrari for several years since the karting (in which he won, in 1996, the Cup of 5 Junior Continents: a sort of world competition in the 100 Junior category) until his debut in the car Fernando, in fact, wore a MIR suit even when he raced and won in Formula Nissan.

Fernando Alonso,

L’attuale pilota della McLaren e Campione del Mondo di Formula 1 nel 2009, quando correva in kart vestiva abbigliamento tecnico prodotto dalla MIR con la quale ha ottenuto risultati molto prestigiosi: il secondo posto nel Campionato Mondiale FA nel 1995 e il terzo posto nella Coppa del Mondo FA nel 1996 su kart Tecno.

James Button,

The long karting career of Giancarlo Fisichella culminated in second place at the World Cup in Formula Super A in 1993 on a PCR kart and, of course, overalls, gloves and all the equipment were branded MIR. Now Fisichella is a Scuderia Ferrari driver.

Giancarlo Fisichella,

The victory of the CIK-FIA European Championship in 2000 on an IAME-Parilla CRG motorized kart was seized with the complete equipment of the MIR with which the English driver has raced throughout his career in karting. Now, after the Formula 1 world championship in 2008, the English driver is AMG Mercedes always in Formula 1.

Lewis Hamilton,

At the time of the kart, in the bag of the talented Polish driver, there was no lack of MIR designer clothing. Now, after the terrible accident in Rally, Kubica continues to train and, soon, could come back into the racing world to get back on track his incredible talent.

Robert Kubica,

The Montoya family is among the most important kart dealers in South America and, when the Nascar driver allows himself to ride on his Easykart kart, he often uses the official uniforms of the championship promoted by Birel. Obviously made by MIR.

Pablo Montoya,

The Formula 1 World Champion in 2007 with Ferrari raced and did very well in international karting, wearing the MIR suits with the colors of the PDB team of former kart world champion Peter De Bruijn.

Kimi Raikkonen,

At the time of the kart with the MBM.com team the uniform of Nico Rosberg was produced by the Tuscan MIR, which followed its pilots, paying the utmost attention to the personalization needs of everyone. The German driver, at the time of the kart, was in a team with Lewis Hamilton with whom he shares the AMG Mercedes car even now in Formula 1.

Nico Rosberg,

Jarno's long career in karting was almost always accompanied by the colors of MIR, with which he raced a lot and won even more. In fact in both the world championships won in 1991 in Formula K and in 1994 in Formula C (among the few who won both the karts and the single-speed karts), the Italian rider's clothing was branded MIR.

Jarno Trulli,